West Side Team - Donation Center

You can donate different ways :

by using the form below.
by sending money to friends and family directly to "westsideteam.paypal@gmail.com" (preferred choice).

As a donator, you get :
  • At 6:00 (bank time), donators receive +35 RCASH (20 RCASH if AFK) + their donation converted in Rcash (1€ = +1 RCASH)
  • No tax for /callmycar
  • Donators Private channel : /d
  • Those who donate more than 30 EUR will also receive +1 comportment point per day

For getting your donator status, please contact Raphinity.

our goal
Conditions :
  • Minimum donation amount is €1 (1 EURO).
  • Donations are not refundable. If you start disputes on Paypal you will receive a warning (not recommended)
  • 1€ donated is for a 30 days period.
  • Donator status doesn't mean you are immune to bans or punishments for breaking the rules. It doesn't make you more special than other players.
  • An amount for less then €1 (1 EURO) will not grant donator status but won't be refunded either.
  • To see the list of donators and donated amount, type /donators while ingame. Donators have a private channel using /d < message >
  • After donating, please contact Raphinity with your donation and your ingame nickname (or the one who should receive the donator status)