Everyone who plays to the West-Side RPG server has to agree with these rules.

The server rules may be occasionally updated. The date of the latest update will be displayed to all users when logging in to the server.

Global rules - Please read them first.

Severe Punishments – Removal of Jobs/items, Jail, Ban, Reset of account

Jail times: 120 – 3000 seconds, Ban period: 3 days – 2 months – permanent

  1. Threatening or hacking accounts is not allowed.
  2. Any form of cheating is not allowed, this involves anything giving an unfair advantage.
  3. Advertising any server is not allowed.
  4. Real life transactions are forbidden. This is not limited to rcash only.
  5. Any bug abuse is forbidden and can lead to you losing your job and anything gained from it.
  6. Insults, discrimination, racism, disrespect and provocation are not tolerated. This applies to words and deeds.
  7. You are not allowed to have more than one account, ban evading from the server will lead to an extension on ban times.
  8. The use of a proxy or VPN is not permitted in any case.

General Punishments – Removal of Job/Items, Kick, Jail, Ban.

Jail times: 120 – 1500 seconds, Ban period: 1 day – 1 week

  1. Lying to any player to gain an advantage is not permitted in any case. This also includes all items.
  2. Random DM is dealt with by the LSPD, but constant killings which can't be stopped by the law-enforcement (cf WS Law) may be punished by the Admin-Team.
  3. Abusing minor script bugs to gain an advantage is forbidden.
  4. Advertising any unsuitable websites or services is not permitted.
  5. Job abuse will not be tolerated, this includes fake suspecting, dealing for rcash or items and can lead to a loss of job and anything gained from it.
  6. Lying to an admin or commenting on an admins decision in any form will lead to punishment, this includes the misuse of /@ or /report.
  7. Abusing to escape or quitting intentionally the game during a fight is not allowed.
  8. Speaking another language except for English or French isn’t allowed in populated areas or public chats (/shout and /me), use PM or go somewhere private with less people.
  9. Harassing players in any no-kill zone* is not allowed and will lead to punishment. This includes pushing them out of these areas.
  10. Discussing or commenting on anything regarding religion in public isn't allowed.

Server Punishments – Kick / Jail (120 seconds)

Jail times may be increased by admins if the below offenses are repeated

  1. Going AFK while jailed or waiting for a merit award leads to an automatic kick.
  2. Spawn or Car killing any player will result in a jail time (by the server or an admin).
  3. Fighting or shooting in any no-kill zone* will result in a jail time (by the server or an admin).
  4. Spamming the chat or flooding commands will result in a kick or a jail time (by the server or an admin).

* The no-kill zones are defined by an orange welcome message.