Everyone who plays in the West-Side RPG server has to agree to these rules as a term of being able to play in the server.

The server rules may be occasionally updated. The date of the latest update is displayed at the top of this page.

Severe Offences

Any ban time is for at least 2 weeks (14 days).

  1. Using or Threatening to use any kind of hacking against the server -
    Ban (1 month minimum).

    Hacking will not be tolerated in our community at all. Giving out passwords or sending users infected files is unacceptable. Assisting other users to hack is also considered a violation of this rule.

    A threat to attack or hack within our community may also be considered a violation of this rule.

    Using any way to hack is forbidden.

    • DoS or DDoS attacks, as an example.
    • Executing prohibited scripts.
    • Stealing or hacking of any account within our community.

    Note: According to the Severe Offence #7, your account is your own responsibility : sharing or giving players access to your account is forbidden.

  2. Any form of cheating, including anything giving an unfair advantage -
    Removal of Job, Item(s) or Rcash / Ban (1 week minimum).

    Cheating will not be accepted in any form or manner. The use of third-party software to edit scripting or to obtain any items/health that will put other players at a disadvantage is unacceptable; indeed obtaining anything that a 'normal' rule obiding user could not obtain is forbidden.

    Using any mod (i.e. CLEO) or third party program, for getting an advantage over the other players, is forbidden. Things considered as cheating include but are not limited to the following :

    • For getting health, weapons, improving accuracy, etc
    • Spawning car
    • Teleporting
    • Using macros or an aimbot
    • Modification of the map
    • Modification of some characteristics

    Note: Macros (automatic means to type, generally in staying AFK) are forbidden, however keybinds (manual means to type a defined text in pressing a key) are allowed.
  3. Advertising any server -
    Ban (2 weeks minimum).

    Writing the IP address or name of another server will result in a ban from the server.

    Server administrators are welcome to use their discretion in some cases.

  4. Real-life cash transactions for server related goods (accounts, items, rcash, etc) -
    Removal of Item(s) / Account reset / Ban (1 week minimum).

    Any transactions or agreements involving real life currency in exchange for rcash or any server related items is forbidden.

    In the event that such a thing does occur, both parties will be punished, and this does not include any refunds. West-Side RPG administration team accepts no responsibility for any real cash transactions for anything on our server and will not support you if you are scammed.

    If you are found to have broken this rule, your account will be banned and the items will be removed from your account.

    Note: A user buying a donator status for another user in exchange for their RCASH is not covered by this rule.
  5. Insults, discrimination, racism, disrespect and privacy leaks -
    Mutes & Jails (from 120 to 1800 seconds) / Ban (1 week minimum).

    This applies to words and deeds. All users are responsible for their own actions and there is no excuse to violate this rule.
    Server administrators will use their best judgement when deciding when something violates this rule.

    Discrimination concerns all unfair or bad treatments from a player about another player (or his relatives) due to his "particular group" (race, sex, politics, sexual orientation, religion, etc) or his "real appearance".
    It is highly recommended to not talk about races, origines or religions on server.

    Racial slang terms are considered as a violation of this rule.

    Your privacy is important to us. It's forbidden in any way to share any personnal information without consent. Breaking this rule may result to a ban without any warning.

    Server administrators give their free time to help keep the server moderated, disrespect against an admin team member because of their status may lead to a ban without any warning.

    Note: This is valid in game, on Discord and our website (including our forum). Violations of this rule on the forum may also result in forum ban.
  6. Having more than one account -
    Choosing one account and other account(s) jailed / Ban (1 week minimum).

    All users on our server are limited to only use 1 account per player.

    Any account is limited to 1 player only. It's forbidden to share your account to any other player (only admins are allowed to connect to another account, if it's approved by the server owner).

    If you are some family members, friends or acquaintances who want to play on our server using the same internet connection or same computer (*) :
    - request it on the forum under the "multi-accounts" section, with approval required from a server administrator.
    - or request it ingame to a server administrator (if he accepts your request, he will post his approval under the "ingame multi-accounts requests" section).

    (*) if a player uses the same IP or same computer as another player.

    Note: If a player uses more than one account, he has to choose one of them. The other one(s) will be deleted or jailed, and your activity, items or goods that you have got while multi-accounting may be reset !
  7. Threats / Blackmailing Administrators or Developers to achieve/get something -
    Ban (2 weeks minimum).

    Our server administrators and developers volunteer their own time to help moderate the server and provide new things for our users free of charge.

    Any threats or blackmail to any of them in order for a player or group of players to achieve something will not be tolerated.

  8. Using a proxy or VPN -
    Ban (2 weeks minimum).

    Using any kind of software to change the appearance of your global location will result in a ban from the server.

    Important note: Only the admins team of the server can grant exceptions for this rule, in the event of personal circumstances or nationwide blocking

  9. Evading any kind of ban from the server -
    Ban (+1 week minimum added to existing ban time)

    There is no exception to this rule. Players who are banned are not allowed to access the server in anyway. If caught doing so, a week will be added to the existing ban time.

    If a player tries to evade multiple times, a permanent ban will be enforced.

Moderate Offences

Any jail time is for at least 120 seconds.
Any ban time is for at least 1 week (7 days).

  1. Lying to any player to gain an advantage (scamming). This also includes all items -
    Removal of scammed item(s) / Jail (300s minimum) / Ban.

    Scamming users as a means to obtain information or objects that do not belong to yourself would result in disciplinary action. This could include using your knowledge to accquire 'goods' of a novice or honest user.

    Scamming is the action to propose a fraudulent deal, for stealing or misappropriating money that one has been trusted with, especially to steal money from another player. Using a fake identity for getting an advantage (using a known nickname's player for example) is also considered as a scam. Also, quitting intentionnaly the game before finalizing a deal is considered scam.
    In according to the reaction and the cooperation of the scammer, the punishment will be chosen between these two extremes :

    • Fault recognized + finalization of the deal / agreement + apologize - Removal of scammed item(s) / Jail
    • Scamming not solved, high losses, multiple scams attemps - Removal of scammed item(s) / Ban

    Note 1: Scamming about the definition of a location isn't forbidden (The buyer has to check by himself the veracity of this information).
    Note 2: Loans which aren't refunded by players won't be refunded by the server. As a consequence a recipient who refuses to refund the loan to his lender can't be punished.

  2. Random DM -
    Warning / Jail (120s minimum) / Weapons reset / Job reset / Comportment Points reset / Ban.

    Killing or damaging another player without a reason is not allowed on our server. Some of our RPG jobs have defined roles and shouldn't be involved in any DM action.

    Server administrators can refer single incidents of deathmatch to the players with a police job in the server or they can admin jail them outright (cf. West Side Law).

    Death matching' meaning injurying users for no 'reasonable reason' for example: Police killing innocent civilian' is forbidden. Westside RPG is a 'Role-Playing-Game'. Those who abuse this and frequently injure users without cause will face punishment. This includes but not limited to- Vehicle killing, Helicopter/Plane Killing, Boat killing. Vehicle Drive-bys are also not permittable. 'Anarchists and Authorities' and 'Hitman and Authorities', including users who are suspected may engage in constant conflict. One must also not Spawn kill' meaning to kill the users where they start on the server. Anarchists/Hitman/Suspects and Authorities are no exception and must in turn obey the 'Death matching' rule, and argubly one must be suspected for a 'reasonable reason' and not as a result of 'Death matching', or misconduct with an authority job by suspecting abuse of 'innocent' users. The aim is to prevent 'Death matching' the spirit of this rule may be translated.

    Note: Deathmatching in events where allowed is not a violation of this rule..
  3. Abusing GTA-SA or SA:MP bugs to gain an advantage -
    Warning / Jail (300s minimum) / Removal of Job, Item(s) or Rcash / Ban.

    This rules includes all GTA-SA or SA:MP bugs, excepted the well known "C-Bug" and "2x2" (aka "2 shots").
    It can be anything which gives an advantage, for killing others or getting items/rcash by another way that the ones defined by the game.

    • Abusing of any script bug to get RC / Item(s) or any advantage over other player.
    • Using any bug to move from a place to another place (for example : under the ground, across buildings) etc.
    • Using any bug to improve your DM skills or to escape from being damaged. However, as requested by the community from this poll, the most known "C-Bug" and "2x2" are allowed !

  4. Abusing script bugs to gain an advantage -
    Warning / Jail (300s minimum) / Removal of Job, Item(s) or Rcash / Ban.

    This rule includes all script bugs.
    e.g. trying to fire weapons inside the no-weapon zones is not allowed as it is set to fist by default.

  5. Advertising any unsuitable websites or services -
    Mute & Warning / Ban.

    This rule does not apply to social networking accounts.

    Unsuitable services or websites includes but not limited to :

    • Pornographic content
    • Any websites promoting illegal downloading (piracy)
    • "Click for cash" websites or "affiliates" / "referrals" websites

    This applies in-game and on the forum.
  6. Job abusing -
    Warning / Removal of the job / Jail (300s minimum) / Ban.

    All abuses linked to jobs will result in a punishment for the player who committed the abuse.

    This includes "Fake suspecting" by authorities jobs.

  7. Lying to an admin or commenting on an admins decision, including the misuse of /@ or /report -
    Mute & Warning / Jail (300s minimum) / Ban.

    Making a fake report, lying to an admin or commenting on their deicisions is totally forbidden

    This is valid in game and on the forum.
    However, if you have any question about a rule or a decision taken by the admins, you are allowed to post it under the "questions" section.
  8. Abusing to escape or quitting intentionally the game during a fight -
    Warning / Jail (300s minimum) / Ban.

    Quitting the game to avoid death during fights is not permitted in the server. If you are suspected of breaching this rule by server administrators, you will be subject to a jail.

    This is not only limited to quitting the game, if you are suspected of forcing an internet crash or timeout, you will also be jailed.

    Please note: This does not count in the event virtual world, it applies only to the main world.

Minor Offences

Any jail time is for at least 120 seconds.

  1. Speaking another language except for English or French in populated areas or public chats (/shout and /me) -
    Mute & Warning / Jail (120s minimum) / Unvoice (IRC)

    It's not allowed to speak another language except for English or French in global chats : /shout, /me and !say (for voiced players from IRC).
    Use PM or go somewhere private with less people.
    Repeating this action after being warned and muted can result in a jail or being unvoiced from IRC.

  2. Harassing players -
    Warning / Kick / Jail (120s minimum)

    This is a game, don't forget it !

    • Destroying a player's sweeper.
    • Destroying several time the tires of a player's vehicle.
    • Abusing of the command /pee on same player in following him.
    • Abusing of the command /addhit on a player just after his death and doing it several times only for upsetting him.
    • And more...

  3. Discussing or commenting on anything regarding politic or religion in public -
    Mute & Warning

    This is valid in game and on the forum

Server Punishments

Any jail time is for at least 120 seconds.

  1. Going AFK while jailed, digging or waiting for a merit award -
    Kick (by the server or an admin)

    Server administrators may check to ensure there's no macro being used. If you do not answer when they speak to you, they may think you're using a macro so always try to let them know you're there. (Using a macro to avoid going AFK is an abuse of the cheating rule)

  2. Car killing any player -
    Jail (by the server or an admin)

    Car killing concern all kind of vehicles

  3. Fighting or shooting in any no-kill zone -
    Jail (by the server or an admin)

    Entering in a No-Kill zones is displayed in chat by an Orange text

  4. Spamming the chat or flooding commands -
    Kick or Jail (by the server or an admin)

    It concerns also any flooding not displayed in chat