West Side Team Skin FAQ

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How to get a skin?
You can buy a skin at the skinshop

Price of a skin?

A skin costs 1000rcash
You will receive 500rcash when sell back to the server

How to use a skin?
/buyskin id (to buy a skin at the skinshop, costs 1000rcash)
/wearskin (to wear your skin)
/unwearskin (to unwear your skin)
/sellskin (to sell your skin back to skinshop, receive 500rcash)
*note:  After you die you don't see your skin, you simple solve this by typing /unwearskin and /wearskin again,
            (altough other players still can see your skin after you died)

Wich skins are available?
You can see in our
gallery or see the full list of owners here

The skin I want is owned by another player!
You can ask the current owner if he wants to sell the skin to you
*note:  Current owner sells the skin to the server then you can buy it from the server
            (probably you have to pay the current owner to make him sell the skin + you always pay 1000rcash to the server)

The skin I want is owned by a banned or left player!
Don't ask admins for it, they cannot free it. It will be unbought automaticly after 30+ days

Where is the skinshop?
The skinshop is in San Fierro | Downtown 3 |

Go stand in front of the entrance of this building:

When you enter the shop it will show:
[ ! ] Welcome to Skin Shop

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