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   • Welcome to West-Side
   • Joining the server and registering your account
   • Validating your account
   • RCASH points and how to get them
   • Getting your first job
   • Weapon licence
   • Buying a vehicle
   • Pimp your ride!
   • Passports
   • Your journey begins...

Welcome to West-Side!

This is our "RPG guide" for new players who want to learn about our server. We encourage you to read this if you're unsure about the server as it will give you a better understanding of our community. A lot of the information covered in this guide will also be available on our forum, so be sure to create an account on there!

Like all servers, you have to connect to our server. You can do this by adding to your SA-MP favourites and clicking "connect" or you can click here to jump right in!

Joining the server and registering your account

After deciding what your username will be by typing it into the SA-MP "Name:" box and connecting to our server for the first time, you will see the following things :

#1 - Selecting your language: Our server proudly offers 2 complete languages (English and French) for you !

#2 - Terms and conditions of playing: Our server has a set of rules that everyone has to follow. Please note: You must accept the terms and conditions before being able to play.

#3 - Finalise account registration: Complete your account registration with a password that only you know.

#4 - Ready to go!: You are now ready to join our community for the first time!

#5 - Citizen spawning area: Our citizens spawn near the "Train Station" area of Los Santos. There are some helpful icons there to help you if you need to use them.

Validating your account

You can validate your account by going to our "User control panel" and logging in with your game account information. After logging in, enter your email address and click "submit". You should receive an email quickly, but allow some time for it to arrive also and be sure to check your "spam" or "junk" folders. Open the email you receive and click the link provided. Your account is validated!

It is important to validate your account in case you forget your password, you can reset it later using our "reset pass" webpage. You also have to have a validated account to be able to purchase vehicles in-game!

RCASH points and how to get them

Our server uses a server-side currency called "RCASH" in favour of the more traditional dollars ($). In order to pay for anything on the server, you'll have to have some RCASH. Although the official name for our currency is "RCASH points", you will often see players referring to it simply as "rc". Your RCASH points are displayed in the upper-right corner of your screen where the yellow text appears.

You can gain RCASH by buying and selling various items, standing in the bank area at 06:00AM every in-game day and by completing side-quests. There are currently two side-quests that will reward you with RCASH. They are :

   • Trash collection
   • Road sweeping

The trash collection depot is situated in the "Ocean Docks" area of Los Santos and has 6 trash collection vehicles, enter one of those vehicles to receive further side-quest instructions.

There are several sweeper vehicles located at the "Mulholland Intersection" parking lot in Los Santos, head to the centre of the parking lot and you will see the sweeper vehicles. Enter one of the sweepers to receive further side-quest instructions.

When you have a "legal" job in our server, you will receive 10 RCASH points every real day in the form of a "Check banking +10 RCASH" item.

Getting your first job

One of the focal points of our server is getting a job and earning your money (RCASH), our server currently offers 16 different jobs for you to get. You can find out more about the jobs that we offer on the jobs information page.

As a beginner, you are limited to 7 jobs but you can get different jobs as you play more, the jobs you are limited to are :

   • Public service driver
   • Police officer (Weapon licence required)
   • Mechanic
   • Medical worker
   • Driving trainer
   • Farmer
   • Mineworker

To be able to get the job you have to first obtain 25 RCASH points. As a new player, you have a "Check banking +20 RCASH" item in your bag (displayed on left of screen) and you can use this item at our bank.

The bank is located in the "Commerce" area of Los Santos, inside this building :

Go inside the bank and type the command "/use" followed by the slot number of the "Check banking +20 RCASH" item, which will be slot #1. So you would type "/use 1" in the bank area to receive 20 RCASH points. Now you just need 5 more to be able to get a job. Read the section above entitled "RCASH points and how to get them" to find out how to gain more RCASH!

When you have 25 RCASH points, you can type the command "/sms 477 yes" which sets up the job system process. You will receive a message inviting you to the "Job house" and a marker will be placed on your mini-map in the lower-left section of your screen. The "Job house" is located in "East Los Santos" and it is this building :

Go inside the job house and you will receive further instructions to complete the process. After choosing your job, you will have to travel to the location shown on your mini-map. Enter the checkpoint when you get there to receive the job! Congratulations!

Weapon licence

In our server you can use weapons and ammunition, provided that you have a weapon licence first. In order to get a licence you need 3 items which all have their own individual quests, they are :

   • Yellow key
   • Weapons plan
   • Merit award

To get the "Yellow key" item, use the command "/get yellow key" and follow the instructions.

To get the "Weapons plan" item, use the command "/get weapons plan" and follow the instructions.

To get the "Merit award" item, you have to go to the FBI department and use the command "/get merit award" and wait in the area until 06:00AM without going AFK to receive it. The FBI department is located in the "Roca Escalante" area of Las Venturas, inside this building :

When you have all 3 items, you must go to the "Federal agency" located in the "Queens" area of San Fierro and use the command "/get weapon licence". The Federal agency building looks like this :

Your weapon licence collects points known as "Comportment points", as of getting your weapon licence, you will have 3. Bad behaviour on our server causes the loss of these points and if you reach 0, you will lose the licence and you must repeat the entire quest.

You can view your comportment points by using the command "/cp".

Buying a vehicle

Note: Your account must be validated and you must have at least 300 activity points before you can purchase a vehicle!

There are some vehicles in our server that do not have owners and some vehicles that are owned by other players that wish to sell them. You can see a list of all the vehicles in our server by visiting the "vehicles" webpage. You can complete a transaction to purchase a vehicle at the "Car shop", located in "Las Colinas", Los Santos.

The car shop is the building with the "Coutt and Schutz" sign, it looks like this :

Every vehicle in the server has a "server price", which is a price you have to pay to buy the car itself. Please be aware that if you're buying a vehicle from another player, they are free to charge their own price but you'll also have to pay the servers price too.

To buy the car, you must have a player with the "Mechanic" job with you in the vehicle at the car shop and then you can type "/buy" to buy it. Congratulations on buying your first vehicle!

Pimp your ride!

After purchasing your vehicle, you can add vehicle modifications to it at the car shop by using the command "/tunecar". Modify your vehicle to your requirements and drive out of the car shop to buy them for your vehicle. If you change your mind about buying them before payments, exit your car and walk out of the car shop area. Please be aware that you have to have a mechanic in the vehicle to complete the purchase of the modifications.

You can get a custom vehicle licence plate by using the command "/carplate" at the carshop. Be aware you need a driving trainer in your vehicle to complete the purchase of your new licence plate.


If you want to travel to other cities, you need to have a valid passport for the city. You can get your passports at the "ZIP" building based at "Downtown Los Santos", enter the building and follow further instructions. Each passport costs 45 RCASH points.

If you attempt to travel to other cities without a passport, you will be wanted by the police!

Your journey begins...

This guide has explained a lot of the basics of the server but the best way to understand the server is by playing it! Our players and administrators are friendly, so if you need help with anything, feel free to ask them. You can message administrators in-game by using the command "/@ ‹message›".

For guides, tutorials and other informations created by the community, check out the "New player help and guides" section of the forum, there's plenty of helpful information there!

This guide was written by TPD

Based on the guide created by MasterLop which was later edited by Savior